Worum ging es noch? Um Klobürsten?   

Oder Kissenschlachten?”Unser Überlebenskampf ist eure Kirmes” hat neulich treffsicher und claimfähig eine schwarze Kommentatorin hier ins Blog geschrieben.

A blogarticle (German) on the shifted focus of the demonstrations.

While now the demonstrations, resistance, solidarity and anger aim at the police, the danger zone and the senate, the original topics all the protests at the end of 2013 were about are more or less out of focus if not forgotten for the moment.

The main issues of the protests in December were the Rote Flora, affordable living space and – the very important – right to stay for refugees. The article’s author criticises that the white and by now also bourgeois population protests against the violating of their civil rights while forgetting that the refugees don’t even have those. According to the senate they are “illegal” and therefor criminals.

I absolutely see the point the author wants to make. Still, I think defending your basic rights is also important, and while the author thinks Scholz (our mayor) never slept as serene as now, I think the protests give the senate headaches. The police lied about the events which they took as justification for the establishment of the danger zone, it is widely discussed not only in the local but in the national media. The senate is critizised nationwide for it’s actions and handling of the situation. The protests were joined by “normal” (e.g. not visibly alternative/punk people), middleclass citizen and it spreads more and more. I don’t know where the tight sleep should come from. Also, I believe the issues will be combined soon again because there is no solution in sight.

Hamburg becomes more and more a powder keg.

Worum ging es noch? Um Klobürsten?   


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