Happy New Year with a Danger Zone

I live in Hamburg, Germany. A few days before Christmas about 7000 people were demonstrating for the Rote Flora, for affordable living space in  the centre of the city (like it has always been before better situated people thought itto be cool to live in the red light district – keyword gentrification) and for the right to stay for 300 refugees. This demonstration was escalated by the police. However, the media coverage showed a different picture more suitable for the “normal” population, and focused on the injured policeofficers (120) while neglecting the injured protestants (over 500).

In addition to the demonstration two or three police stations were attacked, but without any connection to the demontration or the so-called “leftwing spectrum”.

Now, 2014 starts with theestablishment of a “Danger Zone”. This is a measure the police can take without any political or juristical permission to “prevent crimes before they happen”. This Danger Zone is the biggest which ever existed in Hamburg since the establishment of this measure. It includes St. Pauli (including the Reeperbahn and Hafenstr.), the Sternschanze (where the Rote Flora, our autonomous centre, is located) and parts of Altona. Within this Zone the police has the right to control anyone they want, collect personal data, check bags and ban people from this area. The police says it will act with “good judgement”. Which is hilarious. Eye witnesses and controlled people state that only people looking in some way “alternative” (piercings, tattoos, etc.), wearing FC St. Pauli fan vlothing or black clothes, or were otherwise looking as if they could belong to an alternative, autonomous or somewhat left spectrum, were controlled.

This zone deprives the people of their civil rights. I as an obviously alternative person may not be allowed to be in these districts just because of my attitude to life, my beliefs and especially my looks. I may be denied the right to visit my friends and boyfriend if controlled on my way and banned for the night. Yesterday, a resident was banned from his own living space. After the police noticed the mistake, he was only allowed to be outside alone – otherwise he will be arrested. This Danger Zone, especially because of it’s duration (“for the time being”), violates at least article 2, 3, 5 an 11.

This Zone will be there for the time being, some papers report at least until spring. The police says, they don’t want to bother the local residents or the party people at the Reeperbahn. Apart from that being a lie (see abovve), they seem to forget – or withhold deliberately – that all three districts are living spaces for alternative people, punks, autonomous, anarchists, etc. Also, the stadium of FC St. Pauli, a football club with distinctive alternative and leftwing fans, is located within this Danger Zone – and every two weeks St. Pauli plays at home. Happy controlling 30.000 people every two weeks.

I love my city, but since a few months it is more and more barely bearable to live here as a so called left person. The senate violates so many of our fundamental rights, acts so much against my own beliefs and what most normal people think would be morally right…

It’s time to take action.


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